Posted on June 2nd, 2014






I've been juggling themes in the past few weeks in the sketchbook. Spring flowers and hats, Fruit and veggies, and ending the month with 30 minute Old Masters. That was a lot of fun and I will be continuing painting those occasionally when the mood strikes. I find more and more the page on the left informs the next day's painting on the right. The color choices, the mood. It doesn't always work but I'm thinking about that more and more. June is the beginning of month 6, I'm feeling accomplished/a little overwhelmed. The hardest part is still hardest to deciding what to paint each day.

  • alisacoburn

    Wow Jennifer these are stunning! This is the first time I've visited your blog and Boy Oh Boy have I been missing out! Love the loose feeling of sketches in paint or pencil - I find that wonderful spontaneity so difficult to hang on to. But you have it down. Look at the delicious thickness of that sketchbook. :-)

    • augustwren

      Thanks so much Alisa! I think the thick book is the best surprise to come out of this! The 30 minute time limit helps with the spontaneity for sure. If you are on instagram I post them daily @augustwren Here I put them up about every 10 days or so..

      • alisacoburn

        Oh great, I'll check out your Instagram. I'm sure it would be a great exercise for me too. It might bring a bit of freedom back to my work, which is always a good thing. Thanks for your swift reply Jennifer, I look forward to following along. :-)

        • Augustwren

          A bunch of us from MATS are posting daily drawings or paintings on Instagram. It's such a great exercise.. If you join tag your work #matssketchgroup and we can find each other.opling forward to you being there!!