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I thought it was a week since I last posted and it turns out to be 9 days. In this sketchbook I'm only painting on one side of the paper so I don't have spreads the way I had before.. In a way its more like a daily painting rather than a sketchbook series, they just happen to be in a book. I had contemplated doing away with the book completely.. but it felt too open that way.. Just using the larger size has made a big difference.

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Oh my... It certainly looks like I'm craving warm weather, looking back at the last week of paintings! I'm loving the bigger format of the paper.. I feel like I have room to breathe in a certain way.. One of these days I'll have to go back to the smaller book and see what happens. I love this type of play!


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I'm starting anew for 2015! These paintings are still in a sketchbook but it is larger and for now I'm not painting on the back of each page so they are more like paintings unto themselves. I have kept the 30 minute time limit, I have spent a little extra time maybe up to 10 minutes sketching in pencil first. But I'm still trying to keep the immediacy of the paintings and not get hung up on perfection. I get my best work this way... This week with the exception of the gold/dk red on, the theme is my resolutions for 2015. To cook more, more self care, to get out and see the world, to keep up my interview blog for our local arts council. I still feel like I'm painting small on bigger paper so at some point I need to try to paint something at a larger scale within this size paper... I had a fun week with this!

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I am looking at 2 sketchbooks with 365 paintings in them. Last January I set the goal of a 30 minute painting a day in these particular books. You can read about my process here.



I have never filled a whole sketchbook before but choosing to do this felt right and I knew it would happen. I enjoyed watched the girth of the book grow everyday.
It took amazing discipline and energy to do this, I had some migraines, I traveled, I was busy with other projects and some days I just didn't have the will to get up and do this. But I did it anyway, every day. And I loved it, even the hard times.There were only 2 exceptions where I painted the night before. I was beyond busy and didn't want to forfeit the day.
The project is a little insight on my life, I paint what I see, what I'm feeling, who I spent time with, myself and my thoughts. I tried out color combinations and ways to work my paintbrush. I got lazy sometimes and didn't put my all into it, but those days I learned things too.
Some days I just couldn't think about color and I just drew with gel pens on a color background, some days I started over 4 times before I realized my 30 minutes was almost up, then I just mushed paint around. But I found my style and my joy. I truly love to paint, I love color, I love creating something on a blank piece of paper.
I learned that I have discipline, I wasn't so sure of that! I learned that it's really ok to make mistakes, to hate the piece I did that day, to find a little magic in the hated piece and move on and paint something I love.
I love my community of friends and followers on my social media pages. The encouragement and comments and "likes" all kept me motivated to get up every morning to paint more.
Thank you so much to Janine Vangool of Uppercase Magazine who featured my sketchbook way back in Issue 21 in the spring, And Lisa Congdon. who encouraged me and gave me so much exposure on her blog, and Laura Tarrish who interviewed me for theDesign Observer blog. And so many others. (Now I sound like I'm accepting an Oscar) but I'm truly grateful!
I learned that I love to inspire others and I hope everyone will start a daily practice that fits their passion and lifestyle.
I never really felt like an artist until this year, even though I've been painting and drawing since I was a child and spent many years working in the textile industry as a designer and stylist.
This year I found what I love and what I am seeking. It's a great feeling.
In 2015 I plan to continue 30 minutes a day.. But I want to branch out from only painting in the sketchbook. I want to see what happens when I paint for 30 minutes but the paper is much bigger? What if I use the same paper 5 days in a row and build up layers.  What if I use more mixed media? What about using black or a different colored paper? I might draw more in the paintings. I haven't quite decided how to proceed with the details but I'm not going away, it's changed my life. The constant will be 30 minutes a day.
I'm taking off January 1st and can't wait to start a new chapter on the 2nd, Happy New Year!!
xo Jennifer
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That's a wrap for 2014!  Happy New Year!!

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This is my 2nd to last post of this year.  I've been reflecting on this journey, I'm thinking about what the meaning of it is for me and for you. Its something I need a little time to "see" properly. But next week I will attempt to make a stab at it. Have a great New Years week. Jen

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I've been bogged down with some administrative work.. Not my cup of tea and it really adds stress. I wish it could be just painting all day. This project has saved me from having days where I do nothing creatively all day. I'm grateful I started. And now there is only less than 2 weeks to go and I have 365 paintings. In my last post of the year I will talk about some of the challenges and rewards. Its been an incredible journey that I will be continuing. (Maybe with New Years Day OFF!!)

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And four days of December. Only 27 paintings to go and I've fullfilled my project. i'm continuing but I will change it up a bit. I need to decide what to do.

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Wow, I got SO behind.. This is the 2nd half of November.. I can manage to paint in my sketchbook everyday, I TRY to exercise, I do my work, I instagram and FB but this blogging is just one step more than I can manage. How do you find time for this? I want to write thoughts about everything but I'm just too swamped and tired to do it. Maybe a New Years Resolution?

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So this week I finished my first sketchbook. It's FULL! Every last page is painted. It feels amazing to have accomplished this as well as great to be starting in a fresh book that isn't so thick and curvy. It got hard to paint in towards the end.. This week I also had a situation with ruining one of my pages. I spray fixative on each page so that the paint doesn't rub off on one another. It did in the beginning of the book and the pages look a bit distressed. I painted the apple as you see from the bottom photo that I showed on instagram. The next day I started doing my drawing in ball point pen (a first) I decided I didn't like it and painted over the page in orange acrylic and painted that cat. All was great. But when I sprayed the fixative onto the apple page all the ink bled through. Oh Well... It's just one of those things that happens. It's not worth getting to upset over it, and now it has a story. And I do have the pic!