Posted on August 18th, 2014









There is a big range of subject matter the last 2 weeks. I have to say I feel I'm slumping as far as inspiration. I need to get out for some different visual stimulus to make this feel exciting. I've been busy with a big illustration job and Lilla Roger's global talent search. I'm feeling super tired right now. Will write more later..  :)

Posted on August 1st, 2014







I finished Month 7! It's becoming a habit now. I still have days where it's really hard. I sit down and my mind is a complete blank. But I push through and something happens. I may not like it but I've done it. But more times than not I surprise myself and in that push I discover something new and I get excited. There are also days where the painting just flows out but it can't be perfect every day.

Posted on July 20th, 2014











More than 1/2 the month has gone by so quickly. I was on Cape Cod for a week which was so glorious. Beautiful weather, cool breezes, good food, the beach and relaxation. Every morning I set up my paints on the screened in porch and painted . I could be happy doing that more often! This month my sketchbook was featured in Uppercase Magazine! What a thrill. I'm so happy and grateful that my project this year has turned into something so special that resonates for many. I hope I've inspired others to start this practice, It's a life changer in so many ways. The most basic being that I can see that I can create something every day in such a short time. It has built alot of confidence. I recommend this for everyone.

Posted on July 1st, 2014





This week is the 6 month mark of my daily paintings. I've learned so much from doing this project already.  I learned that I can be disciplined (I wasn't so sure about that), I can come up with an idea every day, which has been a problem for me in the past. For the most part I feel I have found who I am as a painter..This quirky, whimsical, painterly realism, with a decorative touch. The book has been amazing for finding reference for other projects, playing around with color combinations, paint techniques,. I've painted from life, from my imagination, from reference on the internet, they all have something great to offer me. Best of all I've made so many virtual connections through this. The support has been outstanding. Thank you all very much.

Posted on June 23rd, 2014






12 days go by so quickly. In another 12  I'll be at the beach for a week which I'm really looking forward to. I spend alot of time in my studio. Just to be in a different place and be able to breathe deeply.        (Please follow me on instagram @augustwren if you are interested in seeing my daily progress. I also have prints of some of my pages in my Etsy shop, link to both in left column.)

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I was sad when the pages for the nautical's got stuck together.. and they ripped when I pulled them apart. Oh well. It's all in the plan not to obsess over it too much. In the meantime I've painted a few similar ones on canvas and paper to keep up the flow. I still find the hardest part to be what to paint.. There are either too many ideas or I get completely stuck. So I just choose something and go for it.

Posted on June 2nd, 2014






I've been juggling themes in the past few weeks in the sketchbook. Spring flowers and hats, Fruit and veggies, and ending the month with 30 minute Old Masters. That was a lot of fun and I will be continuing painting those occasionally when the mood strikes. I find more and more the page on the left informs the next day's painting on the right. The color choices, the mood. It doesn't always work but I'm thinking about that more and more. June is the beginning of month 6, I'm feeling accomplished/a little overwhelmed. The hardest part is still hardest to deciding what to paint each day.

Posted on May 12th, 2014



We are painting dolls for the mini assignment in Lilla Rogers Make Art that Sells class. I was at the local church sale the other day and found this old Japanese doll. She was dirty and a bit straggly but had an elegant look I wanted to paint. And here is my Mom. My Dad died last year and she is really strong and doing so well now. I'm very happy about that.



More doll faces for Make Art that Sells. The Magnolias were actually a display at my friends Hat Shop, hanging all over the ceiling. So pretty and asking to be painted! @thehatshopnyc

Posted on May 7th, 2014



This little girl is a beautiful old photo of my Mom in  1939 or so. She was standing on a patio but but I surrounded her with a garden instead. For my Make Art That sells class we are drawing vintage dolls and faces this week. I am completely in love with this project. So many to choose from, I may be painting dolls for a few days now!



Well. I was completely wrong on this one, the birds were chirping, the sun was shining so I thought spring had finally arrived. But when i opened the door a blast of cold air came in.. Oh well, NY has had NO spring. My sister as a little girl, She was (and still is) so pale and adorable, completely opposite of me.



Friends in stripes!



This is a milk glass vase I own and I just needed this burst of Zinnia color today, and the lady is a 5th grade teacher that I have an old photo of. She was actually digging up something at a marsh where we went on a field trip. I love painting from old black and white photos because I can imagine it as I wish.



Trying out a negative portrait and me looking pissed off at something. Can't remember anymore!