Illustrative Painting Class // Creativebug

My new class on Creativebug (starting on October 13th) is all about painting with gouache. Its a 2 part class (one section a week)  You can take it ant time, once it's up it will be there to for you to learn from.

Before you start painting illustrations with gouache, it’s important to understand how to work with the medium. I begin by showing you how to set up your palette and mix custom colors. I also teach how to work “thick” or “thin” with dry and wet gouache in order to achieve different effects. Once you’ve got the hang of working with gouache, I show you how to approach painting fanciful everyday objects, like flowers, teapots and mugs.

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Creativebug 30 day painting a day challenge.

This class is a 30-day painting challenge to get you to create a piece of art daily. I draw inspiration from objects found in real life and imagination. Using gouache and watercolor, I demonstrate my approach to painting without fear and remind you that it’s never too late to start painting. I started my daily painting practice over three years ago, painting in my sketchbook for just thirty minutes every day. In that time, I have cultivated the loose, colorful style that I'm known for and built a successful illustration career!

You will learn how to:
  • Paint 30 different objects using gouache and watercolor
  • Mix colors on the paper
  • Paint from your imagination
  • Paint from real life

Join me here!