Wouldn't it be amazing to complete 100 drawings? With 100 Days of Drawing, I set you up to get this done! I've divided this sketchbook into 25 of my favorite subjects and techniques. Doodle faces on objects, patterns on tea cups, animals in outfits, people in fanciful headdresses and much more; each new theme is fun and rewarding, regardless of your skill level. I also encourage you to get past the blank page by providing creative prompts and interesting backgrounds to draw on and I show you how to experiment with the style to keep it easy for you to just play. Your own interpretation of the prompts will make your sketchbook completely unique. Just like my first book, Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way, this sketchbook has a removable jacket and an exposed binding that lies perfectly flat.

Publishing Date is September 4 2018! It's available for purchase at these online shops and brick and mortar after September 4th.

Special treat: if you preorder the book, I have a signed 5x7" print of the below painting, Grow Your Own Way. Please fill out the form here and we will mail you the print. Have fun with the book!!